You Are: Part 1

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Thank you for joining us at Calvary Temple Online where the foundation of who we are is “LOVE GOD, LOVE PEOPLE, MAKE DISCIPLES”. No matter your past, no matter your situation, no matter how far from God you may be, You Belong Here. In a world that is so quick to tell us who and what we are, we believe that it is time to go back to scripture and find out what Christ said about the subject. Dive in with us today as Pastor Aaron shares from his heart a message simply entitled “You Are”. Let God speak to you about your role and what he has called you to do and be in the world today. We pray you are blessed and encouraged by our time together today. Text: Matthew 5:13 Today’s Worship – I’m Going Free – Vertical Worship Great Are You Lord – Bryan and Katie Torwalt Good Good Father – Chris Tomlin We do not own the rights to this music.